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Coach Cam

@CoachCam30 | 313-207-2541


Best in the game.

No Gimmicks.



Destiny Pitts 

Junior Guard - Texas A&M

Attending Coach Cam's Shooting camp was the highlight of my summer!!  It's fun, energetic and of course you'll get a TON of shots up.  Beating all boys in the shooting competitions was fun too.


Chene Phillips

Wayne State '14

I played three seasons for Coach Cam and the one thing he does is help you get better! I went from a skinny Sophomore to someone who could play 4 years of college basketball.  Most of that was all work!! If you are willing to work, Coach Cam will help your game!


DeShawn Lewis

Aquinas College '19

Coach Cam is no gimmicks, no games and ALL WORK!!!  We've spent countless hours in the lab working on game moves and game shots.  If you want to work, he's your guy!